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Praise for 


Golden Light

WINNER in the 2022 Global Book Awards: 

Bronze in Fantasy Action & Adventure

2021 American Fiction Award FINALIST

Fantasy Genre

"Perfect parallel to Red Sand. 

Dark, action-packed, magical."


"The obsession of this man is spellbinding. 

He will grasp your soul."


2022 International Readers' Favorite 

Book Award WINNER

Honorable Mention in Fiction-Action

2021 International 

Best Indie Book Award WINNER

"Golden Light is an intricately crafted novel that takes the reader on a fascinating journey."


 "An engrossing tale of desire, passion, trials, and triumphs that is sure to keep readers turning the pages from cover to cover. I would certainly recommend Golden Light to fans of highly atmospheric descriptions, intense interpersonal drama, and mythos and magic enthusiasts everywhere."

-Readers' Favorite

"An epic tale of obsession and passion. Desire and hate. Such a beautiful and raw story of first man and first woman. I loved reading his perspective after reading her perspective in Red Sand. Beautifully written. Could not put it down."


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