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Praise for 


Red Sand


WINNER in the 2022 Global Book Awards: 

Silver in Mythology & Folk Tales

“The characters feel very real and very raw.”


“A fascinating fantasy world.”


“No matter how many adaptations are made, Red Sand is one of those stories you can’t fully experience unless you read it.”

-NINA Productions

"Outstanding! A thrilling journey. Couldn’t put it down. Eagerly waiting for more! Love the author!"


"Epic adventure. Powerful and beautiful. Love this book. Love Lilith and the journey she travels. 

Can't wait for more!"


2022 International Readers' Favorite 

Book Award WINNER

Honorable Mention in Fiction-Mythology

"Red Sand is undoubtedly fascinating and complex. This is a great start for The Creations Series, and I look forward to the continuation of Lilith’s journey." 

-Readers' Favorite

"Beautifully written and carefully thought out.

I look forward to the next novel."


"An epic adventure! 

A journey through a magical world!

Couldn’t put the book down. Waiting for more!"


"Beautiful. Adventurous. Mystical. 

An amazing adventure and journey."


"Red Sand is the best book I've read in years!!

Absolutely vivid and beautiful prose and such a gripping story."


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