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- Finalist in the 2022 American Fiction Awards -

-WINNER in the 2022 Global Book Awards -

Release Date: December 31, 2021

Genre: Fiction-Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult

"He was a skilled killer. 

A killer with a good heart."

Here lies a world of Fae and Common peoples... 

The magical and the magicless. A place where elves and humans despise each other yet fear the same thing—the Guise. But this monster is not one that feeds on flesh. Worse, it transforms its prey into terrifying beasts, dooming them to hunt for eternity or until the light has forever faded.

It is in a land like this where Yvaine and Lugh struggle to survive. A sister and brother who survived the collapse of humanity and the resurgence of Fae. They now roam the land of their birth, searching for the one thing that will protect them—darkness.

On their journey, they will encounter many species and peoples. Ones who offer kindness, and those who mean them harm. Alluring elves, wise spriggans, lost humans, and city cannibals are but a few of the obstacles in their path. And understanding the difference between good and evil will determine if the siblings live or die.

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The Prequel to Bloodline

Cover reveal/Release Date: To be determined

Genre: Fiction-Fantasy

Here lives a world of magic...

In this prequel to the award-winning novel Bloodline, you will experience the world as it was before magic was banished. In a time of war and chaos. Where every magical being strove to take from their neighbor. In this story, you will discover why it was necessary to rid magic from the world and the sacrifices the ancestors had to make...

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